First Months…


Yesterday marked our first 6 months married… wow. It seems like a blink! And yet, I see such a fullness of life already packed into a teensy time frame. 6 months is minuscule in the grand picture of an entire lifetime of marriage! I continue to believe that this life of ours, as Mr and Mrs, is the most beautiful, eye-opening, challenging, “great discovery” type of adventure I could ever hope to traverse. And with this man holding my hand all the way through!

Yes, we are in our “honeymoon” phase but I do believe we will nurture that honeymoon love for always. We always seek to dissolve any conflicts before they turn into mountains. Albeit, these first days have not been without heartache… finances threatened to break our bliss, time apart (SO much time apart, it seems!) stretched us, and words sometimes hurt. But God has been our core, our constant and love always wins.

Could I ever have imagined this kind of life? This love, friendship and daily commitment so complete? God is good and I can only praise Him for this beginning — and it is a beginning! I am confident in Him that whatever lies ahead (happy and sad) for the Mr and me will be laced with His goodness, love and faithfulness.


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