slow to begin…

painting. i must begin somewhere, if i am to ever begin at all, right? all around me there are “pictures” i see or ideas that drift through my mind, surrendering my thoughts into a daydream or lying awake at night swimming in colors, lines, and images.

and i draw sketches, or play around with paint…but this cannot go on for much longer–i must  c r e a t e . 



my art center is set up in the small dining room of our apartment, adjacent to the window for natural light. and i have started an idea for a three canvas project… in simply stating this fact i am progressing… i will post pics as the idea blooms.


art is my passion. a wise father–Mr’s Grandpa–has passed along treasured advice to my Mother in Love who shared it with me about doing what you are passionate about–i would quote but i would hate to jumble the words. i will paraphrase, “do what you are passionate about.” for me, these gold nugget words are life and a breath of fresh air! can i truly paint and create because it is something i love and enjoy? i don’t have to work at some mediocre job and forget pursuing any dreams God placed within me to follow?? honestly, upon first hearing it my mind thought “really? this never occurred to me…” now i hold these words close and recall them at times like these when i feel the need for a push!

and she’s off!!


2 thoughts on “slow to begin…

  1. I sooooo LOVE this Jackie !! I look forward to following you and Kyle, and being a part of your lives!! Thanks for sharing ~ Hugs, xo
    Grandma Karen 💜


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