Birthday Dinner!

Just wanted share pics of my birthday dinner that sweet husband arranged!

He came home with beautiful flowers in hand as I finished dolling up my face, hair, etc. I had no clue as to our destination until we set out on the road and I begun my process of elimination and reasoning :]

We ended up at Portland City Grill! Beautiful view, the most delicious food and with the sweetest most wonderful man to share a meal.


The next afternoon, he drove us to Multnomah Falls for a beautiful day of hiking. AND had a picnic packed for us, dearest man.




I LOVE HIM! thank you for your birthday wishes everyone and cheers to a lifetime with my honey!

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One thought on “Birthday Dinner!

  1. This is just the sweetest man ever!! He
    has his Father’s heart for sure ! So thoughtful
    and all the special details ! Yes, YOU
    are a blessed woman to have such a
    blessing of such a man as our Kyle~


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