harvest + the kitchen

Our home is beginning to feel the chill of fall and I LOVE it! The heater dial awoke from a long sleep this afternoon… he’s been silent since spring! Just the other day, Husband claimed Autumn his favorite time of year, minus the rain. Myself, I adore the rain. Rain and I are dear friends. Comfort to me is a chilly day inside a warm home hearing the rain pour against the window panes. Tied with falling asleep to the same sound. One day we will find a place with a balance of rain and sunshine.


I found sweet little fall leaves to sprinkle around the house. As if the leaves are falling right into our home! And I scored a fantastic mantel shelf at Goodwill. The shelf needed support brackets so I found some at the hardware store and voila! I have a shelf to decorate as the year goes by! This happens to be my second shelf pieced together on my own. The first was an Ikea shelf… Husband did not run that errand with me. He has unpleasant memories of endless hours trying to piece together something Ikea with the teensy little tool they supply and strange picture directions.

I attempted to capture the shelf, but the presentation is incomplete so it looks somewhat plain. Another time..


In other news, I made banana bread. And a perfect day it was for such a delicious loaf of goodness! The recipe is from the amazing Deb from smittenkitchen.com, a food blog I fell in love with a few years ago. Kyle loves this banana bread, which makes my heart happy. My birthday cake was a recipe of hers, as well (she calls it Best Birthday Cake). She has released a fabulous cookbook, of which I will soon be owning, and is on a book signing tour these days. Next month, Deb will be at Powell’s!! Hooray! Check out her blog, there are some delicious recipes and exquisite photography.

All foods warm, cozy and spice-delicious are ready to be enjoyed for these cold months ahead. Happy harvesting!


One thought on “harvest + the kitchen

  1. You are such an inspiration, and remind me so much of my early married years as Mrs. !! You and Kyle are just the perfect pair…., I look forward to this journey with you both ~ I love the wisdom and beauty you apply to your everyday lives !! Hugs!💞💞


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