And two became three…

Life grows! We have the joy of telling the world “we’re having a baby!!” WOW. Still seems unreal.. [ i am only about 10 weeks, so no sign of bump yet ]

We made the announcement to family at 8 weeks. It was one of the happiest weekends of our lives ❀

Our announcement, card stating "Kyle Lassos Stork" ...from  "It's A Wonderful Life"

Our announcement, card stating “Kyle Lassos Stork” …from “It’s A Wonderful Life”

I had this idea awhile back from Mary’s baby announcement to George Bailey one evening, [ It’s A Wonderful Life, my favorite ] “George lassos stork”. And the drawing she makes of George lassoing the moon.. it was perfect! My parents saw it first. I had it poised on the easel in our living area. She spotted it, said “that’s cute” then I replied “well, it’s for you”. She gasped and her face was lit up with a shocked look of such excitement! She’s over the moon these days. We hugged and then as my Dad came in later we coaxed him to find it and … well my dear old Dad and I share tear ducts that can well up in an instant. He was overjoyed. It was the sunniest happiest afternoon together!

The next day we drove up to hubby’s parents for more spreading of news. I had an identical card for them to keep. I brought the card to Elijah [ he has been anticipating our pregnancy, saying people get engaged, married and then have a baby! ]Β so he could try an decipher it, he is becoming an excellent reader! I then encouraged him to bring it to share with his Mom and she could read the words aloud to him. So we found her and as she read it her reaction was nearly the same as George Bailey himself, “you–you–you’re…” And is nodded emphatically! We rushed downstairs to show newly-Grandpa Nelson.. as he read it his chin dropped so far and his gasp so dramatic! These newly Grandparents were quite thrilled. Such a joyful weekend!!

What an honor and joy to bring such news to our family. Naming our parents Grandparents is momentous; especially new Grandparents! And to think God designed it so one day we will be Grandparents. That seems ages into our future; the now is compelling. Life is ever-blooming and we are ever-thankful for this grand adventure together.

We cannot wait to meet you, baby Nelson!!!


4 thoughts on “And two became three…

  1. I am beyond thrilled that my number one and only daughter is having a baby! It is so exciting to be a part of this and be able to share the experience with you and Kyle. I love you and know you will be the best mom! I am going to be a grandmother of three now. My grandsons will have a baby cousin and they will get to grow up with each other like you and your brothers did with your cousins. That is such a special thing to be able to watch your family grow and experience life together. We are so blessed. What an exciting year is in store for us.


  2. We are so blessed and thrilled to be a part of this beautiful family ~ We look forward to being GG’s ! We are tremendously proud of you both, and look forward to this journey with you ~ May God’s blessings and comfort travel with you along the way ~ Love you !! πŸ’•πŸ’ž GG Karen ~


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