Juicing Newbies

Oh, my. Juice! My eyes have been opened.

We received a juicer upgrade the other day from dear Mother in Law. I had tried juicing a couple of years back, but had little information on where to begin and no friend with whom I could collaborate. This time around I have that partner and a greater purpose: baby! Traci brought her zeal and infectious excitement about the powerful benefits of juicing. If you could converse with her about anything she is passionate about, you could see what a gift God gave her! We can eat veggies and fruits in heaps with ease… one Carrot Apple juice is about 4 carrots and 1 apple. Now, imagine sitting down at the table to eat 4 whole carrots and an apple; it would be a bit boring and maybe difficult to stuff 4 carrots in you belly in one sitting. But the juice is maybe 8 ounces and tastes sweet! Not simply due to the apple, carrots in juice form are naturally sweet tasting. With these juicing machines, why should anyone NOT juice?

From what I have read in a book by the so-called “Father of Juicing,” Jay Kordich, you could juice all day every day with some light meals in between. Jay himself wrote in The Power of Juicing that he would drink two fruit juices (one in the morning, one in the evening) and four veggie juices (which can have apples, and even lemon or lime in them for taste). Maybe that would be the best diet ever, but I don’t believe either of us are there yet. Maybe we never will adopt an all juice diet, but we can at least add a few juices to meet our bodies’ needs. I do plan on gaining a repertoire of light, healthy meals to pair with our new eating lifestyle. This may take some time and figuring as we get into a groove of this diet renovation. I believe it will be worth the effort! And we will share some of our findings with you all as we get there.

My main excitement about this new food adventure is how baby will benefit. We will gain knowledge about nutrition and therefore baby can begin life with the very best! Kyle and I both grew up eating classic home cooked meals, cereals, treats, all the yummy ways our dear Mothers whipped up ingredients for delicious meals. I believe we are both healthy today and are not at all ungrateful. We are simply excited about this new way of adding the crazy amount of raw foods our bodies do need each day. And maybe this will only inspire our family and friends to try adding some juices to their daily diets ;]


4 thoughts on “Juicing Newbies

  1. Hi kiddo~ 💗Just start slowly, and try to be consistent when you do start…, the rewards are amazing!! We’ve juiced everyday since 1995, {when we purchased our first” Champion”~} If you can listen to the tapes of the Juiceman, Jay Kordich, it will change your vision forever, as it did us! I’m sure it’s what keeps us healthy in our mid 60’s~
    Also, a new juice enthusiast now, that is so globally popular is Australian Joe Cross with his Reboot Juicing~ He has a wonderful blog to follow ~ “Reboot your life with Joe Cross ” ~ check it out just for great info and recipes that are simple!


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