snow, cookies and crazy kittens…

the view outside our windows these past couple days have been a rare sight; the ever-hoped-for snow!  [ at least around here, our winters usually welcome more rain and cloudy skies ]  a very welcome sight, these sweet, fluffy snowflakes. and it seems they could make some sort of winter dessert… like that Turkish Delight Edward gobbles up in the most recent Chronicles of Narnia… oh my, he makes it look so delicious!

we enjoyed the snowfall yesterday, and i even made cookies.  [ hubby made a trip through the white streets to retrieve necessary ingredients what a brave man ]  chocolate chip. with apple cider to wash it down.


Daphne, the grey kitty, [ we have two, Beemo is white with grey patches ] cannot get enough of this snow! she scratches at the balcony door like a puppy. and as she sits at the verrrry edge, stretching her paw through the railing, she tries to catch the snow. how is she so adorable? it makes up for her crazy. Beemo took his turn outside but wasn’t very impressed. he was much more content watching Daphne through the glass. he is sweet, with crazy to match his sister.  [ one of them managed to pull down the whole tension rod and curtains from the bedroom window this morning… maybe it was a joint effort ]


i am in love today… snow still floating out the dining window, dear hubby listens to music while he studies, and Daphne is going wild over a cat toy. i love this life, my heart is all joy!


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