Remember my enthusiasm for juicing?? I still contain it, but my fuel is low. The truth: Our goal to be regular juicers has NOT been simple.

We both are thankful for these bodies we live in, but I do believe we have not been so good to them… with the amazing design of our bodies, knowing God made them for us to fuel with all the wonderful fruit and veggies in this world, you would think it would be almost natural for us to eat food whole. Nope. Not today. Not in America. We have to choose this, daily. And we have not. I make juices for us weekly, but not daily as is our goal. Maybe it is because we are such foodies. Either going out to amazing restaurants because we live next door to one of the foodie capitals of the US. Or my delight in trying new recipes in the kitchen (i’m beginning to feel a special sense of “home” in my kitchen… ah, soon-to-be full-time Mama). For whatever reason, it seems we are slackers. One plus from juicing even at our slow rate, is our increase in fruits/veggies. We enjoy many more veggies at our table with plenty of fruit on hand. And I seem to crave many a salad these days (pregnancy positives)! This is progress, for sure. We simply have a weakness for delicious creations involving garlic, oil, cheese, meats, butter and oh how i adore dessert!

Maybe before baby comes, we will have a better grasp… hah! that is me in denial. One thing I do know, baby will always be given the healthiest food. And I am sure that our family diet will all mesh into one. 

Cheers to progress and a toast to all those regular juicers out there–we commend you! Keep it up ❤



One thought on “Slackers…

  1. Oh my, once you start you’ll love it!!🍍🍹🍎 It will all come in due time, sweetie…, you’ll have more enthusiasm and be encouraged more after ” Baby Nelson” comes on the scene….however., , you are not ” slackers”! Ha!!( but you made me smile…, ☺️☺️)


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