the bump grows!

the bump grows!

Hooray! The bump is slowly growing ❤ expecting a growth spurt over the next month… i am excited for the big round belly!

We had our first appointment today, finally! [ insurance was a chore ] At OHSU they schedule a nurse intake appointment in a group setting, so there was a few of us pregnant mamas together this morning. We went over all things general with the nurse. [ BP + weight checked, as well ] Baby and I are on the right track! A nutrition specialist came in and spoke on all things food — so much helpful information; balanced diet, info on eating fish, etc. And we received a happy pile of pamphlets — i love information! I’ve been flying through pregnancy books these days. Pregnancy is becoming more “real” to me. And soon we will be able to feel movement! I check every night in bed, quietly listening/feeling for tumbles.

waiting until i can't see my feet anymore...

waiting until i can’t see my feet anymore…

After the appointment I went over and had routine lab work. Everything was quite efficient, in and out within minutes. As we drove home, I poured over the papers/handouts. We both are looking forward to Monday: appointment with the Midwife = heartbeat!! And to top off this lovely pregnant filled morning, the day is just BEAUTIFUL! sunshine, blue skies. feels like Spring! There is so much to be thankful for each day, today it’s like singing on a mountain-top ❤


Baby Bump Update #2

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