the heart beats

Yesterday was a special day for newly Mama+Daddy. We heard sweet baby’s heart beat! The most beautiful evidence of a growing baby inside. ❤

It seems baby is so quietly growing, my body automatic in its efforts to nourish and protect. Though the event is wonderfully exciting, to me it was a calm, sweet, and assuring moment… baby is alive and moving! Our hearts were filled with joy.

We scheduled an ultrasound a few weeks out. Praying the baby is in good health. I cannot wait to see baby move around! Hopefully I will be feeling his/her movements by then. I love all of this; pregnancy is on my list of joyful seasons.

For family and friends who are interested, I just started a baby website for all things “baby”. Please follow the link below for baby’s growth, milestones and more detailed baby happenings!


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