me, the bump + kitty.

Sweet husband is away this week – earning monies on his spring break, what a star husband and father-to-be! And because it’s spring break, my nanny job is nearly non-existent. So, i twiddle my thumbs and poke my belly hoping baby will move big this week.

There are definite perks about this week alone. . .  extra time=extra cleaning! and keeping things in order is surprisingly simpler with just me and the cat. How the place will look once we’re officially 3 ??? I imagine I will never be without things to do! And without being distracted [he’s my favorite, i’m crazy in love for his time and attention just as if we’re still dating], I can focus on some long desired “projects”. One involving sewing; i will be transforming an old maxi dress into a maxi skirt! I do believe these will be my go-to preggers outfit. And the other involving some much needed sketch time – so many art ideas i need to put on paper.

So the week will soon be over and my love will return! i’m sure the bump misses his voice, too ❤


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