Baby Bump Update #3!

20wksToday marks our half way point through pregnancy! Baby is 20 weeks  ❤  WOW

Look at that rounding belly… a baby moves in there! Truly, I feel little Nelson more often as the days go by, but nothing big enough for Daddy Kyle to feel. He says “hello baby” upon my encouragement. I imagine it just seems he is just talking to a belly considering he is not feeling it move or has any visual yet. I’m sure as the baby grows and movement is big enough for Kyle to feel, the connection will be more sound. Saying “hello” may feel more natural  ❤

The ultrasound is scheduled for this Friday morning. We’ll finally have a glimpse of our precious little baby. As we planned, the gender will remain unknown.. though Kyle seems to be wavering! Seems a part of him is dying to know! It would drive me nuts if he knew and I didn’t, so we will hold to our decision :]

I will share some the last weeks happenings later this week. We went clam digging! And last week somehow rushed by w/out me realizing it was gone. I’ll get back into my weekly groove of entries,  p r o m i s e   ❤


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