baby’s first “photos”


Look at that beautiful profile! Little Nelson moved quite a bit during the ultrasound.. head turning back and forth, hands here and there. The tech couldn’t get the profile, so when the doctor came in to give us the results, he tried and success! [ i had used the bathroom in-between, so baby moved in a better position for him ]

We saw sweet little hands, precious wiggly feet and a strong heart beating! [ 135 bpm ] I enjoyed feeling and seeing movement. I love our baby! Kyle lit up during the whole session, it was so wonderful to see such powerful evidence of a healthy growing little one inside.
scan0005We are so happy, so very thankful that all is healthy and well with baby. What a joy! Baby sends love and a little “hello” to all! ❤



6 thoughts on “baby’s first “photos”

  1. I’m so excited to meet our newest Grandbaby in August! You tow will be such wonderful, loving parents and I know the baby is going to beautiful like just like mommy and daddy. 🙂 I love you all.

    Love, Mom (or as cousin Hayden calls me, “Grandma Cindy” or “Grandma Friend”)


  2. How precious this little one is already!! And loved💗💗👶 so much!! We are thrilled for you both.., I love that we can all share this so many miles away!! Thank you for sharing~ Love you two ..💗…, I mean three!! Hugs, xox😘


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