Why, hello!

Oh my, the weeks have flown and I’ve been faaaarr away from blogging. I am not quite sure what has stopped me — motivation? lack of energy? getting caught up in living life? maybe the last one; there is much going on, it seems. Especially in prepping for sis-in-law’s upcoming nuptials. What a joy it is to see her so lit up these days! I am looking forward to celebrating with her at the bachelorette party… of which, other sis and I are in charge of planning ❤ just a few short weeks and we’ll have a new “Mrs” in the family!

So, here I finally sit this fine sunny morning to say hello to the blog world. I have found some writing inspiration from other fav bloggers [ most are listed to the left ] that I’d like to try out here. So keep yourself posted! My hope is to grow this blog, organize and expand my daily writing. The blog world is still so new, but I am excited for whatever this morphs into as the years go by!

Love to you all!
and our rolling, tumbling baby says “hello”


2 thoughts on “Why, hello!

  1. Oh my dear, It is such a warm, loving time to find your latest news in my inbox, and
    sit with a cup of tea, and view this lovely Spring morning through Kyle & your eyes~ You have such a rhythm to your writing, I just love this blog!!! 🌷 I’m so looking forward to seeing you two ( 3!) at Jenna & Landon’s wedding 💕
    You are looking as beautiful as ever! 😘 I know your “bachelorette shower” will be such a joyful, close time for all you sis’s !! I look forward to seeing some photos here~
    I am so thrilled you went traditionally , waiting until the birth to see if you have a “sugar & spice” or “snails & puppy dog tails” !! Love to you all ~ xox💗💗🌷😘


    • i love your hearing from you! knowing these thoughts and stories bring a happiness to another is both encouraging and inspiring. all the adventures these days will continue to be shared ❤

      yes to the unknown! "sugar & spice or snails & puppy dog tails" ❤ see you soon!


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