[ introducing ] Currently…

As I mentioned, writing inspiration ensued this last week. I am excited to begin a weekly update! Called [ as you may have gathered ] “currently”. Where did I find this brilliant idea?? From a sweet gal on blogspot, check out her blog “Sometimes Sweet“! I believe she found it from a friend and so on as it seems to spread in the blogosphere. selfWEB I was pondering the idea while brainstorming some of my own and then today it hit me; I had a little emotional meltdown over, you know, life happenings. My blogging here is supposed to be all about “life happenings” but the only ones that make it to you all are the happy, upbeat, “positive” ones. Not that I want to be a downer and bring you all under my little clouds… I do want to be real, in a tasteful + healthy way. Now don’t worry, I’ll journal my tears, angst and frustrations in my physical journal.. with pen and paper.. not here. BUT, these “currently” posts are intended to be whatever is truly happening now; I don’t intend to sugar coat if it so happens that the week is not looking so positive. Your comments + thoughts are always welcome and encouraged! If you are a fellow blogger and have yet to start your own “currently” posts, may you be inspired ❤ here goes…

  • Reading: a few books these days.. mostly all things baby–On Becoming Baby Wise, What to Expect When You’re Expecting [i’m now at the sixth month! weeee!], and my fav Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth. I’m also re-starting the husband’s favorite, The Great Gatsby. He refuses to watch the latest Gatsby movie; he believes it might taint his “experience” reading the book. I adore his love for books and how they impact him. And he’s right, I watched the movie, it is the director’s own flair and style. It wasn’t F. Scott Fitzgerald directing the film… I digress. I read too many books at once, I hope to devour countless by old age.
  • Thinking about: the sound of spring and the ushering of summer. This sunshine lifts my spirits! Especially after a meltdown morning. If I were to have that same meltdown on an average rainy NW day, it would have been much more difficult to “look up”. God is so beautifully in the rainy days both figuratively and literally, but what a joy to let His sunshine dry up fretful tears.
  • Inspired by: fellow bloggers! I hope to one day to connect with my neighbors, so to speak. As our family grows and adventures unravel, may this blog grow with us and love others!
  • Listening to: nothing new. Yesterday, I enjoyed some Jesus music, as I call it.. only because it is music I listen to and sing along to in worship. But as far as just discovering artists and new sound, husband is the one who has jumped back into that world. I intend to get lost in Spotify and discover the sound my soul beats to these days.. my music collection is dated.
  • Working on: being in community with others — emphasis on the whole statement! We are in between physical communities [ we’ll be moving after the baby is born ]. And I’m not quite the outgoing sort, I can be on occasion but I’m more the quiet kind… who wishes she were outgoing because that person she just met was so wonderful and could be her new friend! So I have to be quite intentional about making conversation and sometimes on Sundays when everyone at church greets those seated around them for a few minutes I get anxious that I won’t know what to say or talk about – a huge part of me wants to shrivel away and hide! But I don’t and hubby helps because he’s such a friendly person and so easy to chat with [ or so I have always thought ].
  • Enjoying: my baby’s movements ❤ I love the nudges and rolling, especially as I wake up in the morning. And it seems around 7pm the baby often moves… I wonder why. Oh how I wish baby would move big enough for Daddy. I can’t wait to see hubby’s face when he feels that first kick! And when the movements are visible! What a beautiful gift this whole process is for us to enjoy ❤ Any thoughts? Current readings, listenings, etc. or comments? I love to hear from all of you!

2 thoughts on “[ introducing ] Currently…

  1. Hi Daughter,

    I wish I were near you in times like these. You can come to my house on a whim or I to yours. J You know you can call me and talk to me anytime and I will always have time to talk to you. I love you.




    • aw, sweet Mom. nothing to worry about, a lot of these emotions are exaggerated… I cried at a dramatic scene on a silly show the other day while wondering “why is this making me cry so much??” 😛 i love you!


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