Personality Test

Introverted or extroverted? Feeling or thinking? Sensing or intuition? I love personality tests! In my early teen years I remember taking various “personality tests” through those chain emails that used to float around. I am fascinated by personality types; what motivates people; how each person experiences and evaluates life.

Hubby had to take a freebie version of the Myers Briggs personality test for his communications class. And of course when he told me, I’m all ears, ready to hear his results and compare them with my personality type… Years ago I took the same test. I had never heard of it before but was intrigued and excited. The testing is based off of psychiatrist CG Jung’s ideas and theories. The results are a mix of 4 letters, each a different sort of category. And the combinations have a name, at least from what I remember. According to the test I am INFP, The Idealist [ according to Jung ]. Kyle wasn’t so sure of his results – the description did seem a bit off. I think one category was incorrect, maybe due to over thinking a question or the test being slightly different than the legit version. Anyway, it claims he is ISTP but as we read through different combos we discovered one that seems to fit: ISFP, The Artist. You can look on the Myers Briggs site [ link located above ] and read the brief summaries of each type or more extensive descriptions through this or that link. Let me know what you think!

I encourage you all to check it out, whether you manage to get your hands on the actual test or just read the descriptions. Understanding each other, especially among close relationships, is important and seems a valuable tool in maintaining healthy communication. I wouldn’t say it is a test to base your life on, but maybe it can help us better understand ourselves and others. ❤

If you happen to have taken the test or have an idea what your personality might be, please share it below!



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