currently … #1

r e a d i n g : i am sad to say i have not read much in the last week. just the numbers and figures of bills and to-do lists. This week calls for some down time with a good book. one reason for the distraction would be dear sis-in-law’s last party before the “big day.” All the girls celebrated at her bachelorette party! Now she can count down the days on one hand

l i s t e n i n g : to the sound of construction outside our windows. Our apartment complex is undergoing some renovation projects, which includes the parking lot. We’ve been kicked out of our personal spots this week and left to find guest parking until Friday. A miniscule inconvenience; we enjoy a walk in the sunshine [ thank you, Lord, for sunny weather this week! ] to our temporary parking spot.

l o v i n g : Did I mention how beautiful the sunshine is here?? I love and have missed the warmth! Here in the Pacific Northwest we are new people when the sun comes out; our spirits are lifted! Hubby and I have a walk planned for this evening, hooray! ❤

d i s c o v e r i n g : creative ways to make my pre-pregnancy clothes work for me these days. My pregnant belly is slightly more challenging to clothe. All my tanks either expose my belly or simply do not fit properly. Honestly, I want to let my belly pop out of my tanks; I love the baby in there and am proud of this bump!

looking forward … Now that the wedding is truly days away, my mind is all wedding bells. My own memories are surfacing of our wedding day, which in turn surfaces the emotional highs and romance. I am so happy for Jenna. She is one of those people that carries so much love and kindness around; she deserves all the beauty and happiness in life.. and with such blessings i know her heart will only be filled with more thanksgiving, joy and love. Cheers to a lifetime of marital bliss!


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