Baby Bump Update #4


Baby update! Look at the belly grow! eeek! i love our baby ❤ Little one is moving quite a bit nowadays.. even hubby has felt the nudges and kicks! His handsome, sweet face lit up with that first nudge. We are ever more excited with each week that passes. I cannot believe I’m nearly at the 3rd trimester – WOW! 

This Saturday marks the wedding of baby Nelson’s auntie! What fun it will be to “dress up” the bump. And the following week will be Mother in Love’s first hearing of the heartbeat! My own Mother had the privilege at the last appointment. Two sweet Grandma’s of our little growing baby… 

Oh, and the consensus still believes baby to be a boy; only a few are girl voters. Whatever baby is, we are excited to meet face-to-face ❤ 

Love to you all from newly Mama+Daddy and baby Nelson!


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