Listening: to the type-typing of our laptops… hubby is filling out a college application and I’m obviously writing to you all! …and catching up on other blogs :]

Smelling: fresh brewed coffee! decaf, that is… trying to keep caffeine to a minimum for baby. We purchased some decaf grounds because I’ve been craving a nice warm cozy cup of coffee, Mmmmm. So while I peruse the internet I now have a muddy mug of goodness by my side. happiness ❤

Thinking: about dinner tonight – brats! yay! we finally went grocery shopping. My kitchen feels heavenly again with food in the cupboards and more in the fridge. Ah, the newlywed life… I’m sure plenty of couples enjoy the first years comfortably, but I also know plenty of us enjoy the simple life. Which is not all bad; some months are better than others but through it all we are always learning how to love each other and this beautiful life we’re living! For richer or poorer, amen!

Reading: about to begin Pilgrim’s Progress. I have never read it before, sadly. So, on our recent trip to the library it came home with us. 

Inspiration: baby room decor, oh my! i have such a vision and am anxiously awaiting decorating time for baby’s “nursery”. There are a couple items I plan to up-cycle and a few items to purchase. Possibly some painting, weeee! Can’t wait to put a baby in the midst of it all!

Working on: working out. This baby body needs keep moving! I’m sure it will help during labor…

❤ ❤ ❤


2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. You are SO adorable my dear daughter in love 💕… It always warms my heart and refreshes my soul to sit in the living room of your heart while you write so artistically and beautifully! You are such a delight~ not just to me, but I know so many… What an honor to be the mother ~ in ~ 💗 to such a gem of a lady…🌷


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