oh my, summertime fun…


it seems growing this little [ um,  BIG ] baby bean has somehow stolen all my attention! poor blog has been collecting dust, i’m sure… better clean up the cob webs and shine surfaces; feels like forever ago that i was here!

well, as you can see, baby has grown to full capacity – i can’t imagine much more room is available to house this child. baby Nelson has tucked his/her feet into my ribs majority of pregnancy (he/she has been confirmed head down since June’s appointment) and the lengthy waves of exhaustion  l o v e  to keep my body at rest.

the summer has been beautiful! hot! [ thank you, Lord, for our community swimming pool ] and full of anticipation ❤ Kyle and I are enjoying these last weeks of being simply married, but are so very excited to be parents! We enjoyed some time with family down in Bend [ my first trip there — such a blast! check out the family restaurant, “Cheerleaders”! ] and earlier in July spent an afternoon at the Nelson cabin with family. Wish I had pics to share! Sorry, dears :/

The 4th was celebrated with both families, complete with the ever enchanting displays of fireworks.

fireworks 2014

In June, my dearest Mother hosted a most wonderful baby shower [ planning and fine details thanks to sis-in-law Ashley and Abby ]. Delicious food, happiest company and a blessing of gifts for baby.

mom + me



And last, but not least, sweet sis-in-law Jenna was married in May to her forever love Landon! she was perfectly stunning! all lit up with love… the day was such a joyous celebration!


And now, we countdown the days/weeks for our precious little one to arrive. Hope to see you, family and friends, after baby is born! We will be sure to keep everyone “in the know” when the big day happens ❤ love you all!


One thought on “oh my, summertime fun…

  1. My dear daughter in love…💕 ~ the beautiful way that your heart pours forth from the pen ( or keys) just continues to amaze and inspire me. Someday your words will be penned for so many more to be blessed by I’m sure. Yes! – we all anticipate the arrival of the newest Nelson- as this first grand baby on the Nelson side reveals their beautiful self!! Can’t wait!!! Love and hugs my dear…💕🌷💕🌷💕

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