We have arrived…


Welcome to our world, sweet Juliet Arielle. We’re in love! [ is that not the most precious father+daughter picture? To-be framed! ]

One week as parents has felt like much longer.. Not because we’ve been up at night, myself keeping baby fed, worrying over spit up and large amounts of it… I believe we are just so enthralled with this new chapter, so consumed and in love with this child it seems we have already been through so much! The first week definitely took great effort, energy and patience but love outran all the challenges. Birth is powerful, is it not?

Our Juliet was born Tuesday, 9/9 at 8:02am. I went into labor Sunday evening. Loooong labor – she was at an angle, nor quite in position for a verrry long time. I wanted desperately to have an all natural birth, but after 24+ hrs of laboring [ intensely – I was 7cm for what seemed like forever ] sweet husband had to talk serious with me. At that point we tried everything natural and baby wasn’t moving, I was nearly dehydrated and contractions were very close together. I needed rest. Soooo we tried pitocin [ never again! ] which made contractions never-ending. And finally an epidural, extremely difficult to get while your contractions are so close together but I finally slept, regained energy and baby was able to make progress – we were so close to pushing!

Finally, just before 8am, the midwife came in, raised the lights, helped me into position and out came Juliet! It was a whole new world, my girl, my husband, our new family.

Though my heart hoped for a specific labor and delivery, I couldn’t imagine this one any other way. All that pain, all those hours, the strength in my husband, his support.. my Mom, and Mother in law’s support, I had this absolutely beautiful trio walking through with Juliet and me. And what a testimony to God’s desire to give us rest… I tried so hard to keep going despite my exhaustion when all I needed was rest. Maybe it came by aid of modern medicine but God is in my every day. My heart swells and tears bubble over at the thought of dearest Juliet birthed and finally in my arms. God is so good, birth is truly amazing and all this love is such a treasure.

Thank you, Mom and Traci for your constant support – what a blessing, two Moms at my labor! We couldn’t have done it without you both.

Husband, I am in love with you more than ever. You were unbelievable, so present, so strong, so confident and encouraging. Wow. You are one of a kind, I would have been lost without you. Thank you for your love and strength and steady ground through pregnancy, labor and delivery. You are my hero, always.

Juliet, you are so greatly loved. ❤



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