Hello again, it’s been a few weeks…


This girl – our little love. She was patient with Mama taking photos so close to nap time… She’s 3 months today! And “talking” every other moment of the day. The sweetest voice my ears have ever heard.


We’re counting down! Seems different this year – my days zip by with Juliet, leaving hardly any time for me to ponder Christmas morning. We haven’t even begun our Christmas shopping, yikes! But the season is warming up slowly for me. I know once the tree is up and some presents are wrapped I’ll settle myself, my heart and soak in what is truly the meaning of this season.


Thanksgiving was sweet – here’s my apple creation! My heart was happy to see it devoured. A pie enjoyed is such a meaningful compliment to this baker.


And her again – what girlish features, my doll! She grasps things now, so delicately and with such concentration. Those eyes are taking in the world like a sponge.


And him – my darling husband. He lights up when Juliet “speaks” and she lights up at the sight of him. He is most precious to me! This Christmas will be extra sweet as newly parents ❤


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