All Grown Up

I have been thinking lately about generations; the one we just created – Juliet – and the one whence we arrived – our parents. Parents raising parents. Our relationships have changed; we are now not only adults alongside our parents, but now we hold the same title. How strange, isn’t it? The cycle keeps turning over.

The other day, as I was pondering all of this, I realized how “grown up” I feel these days. Being a grown up does not seem to hold the same definition as it once did when I was a child. Where it once simply meant being older or specifically an adult with a job or life work, it now carries more of a state of mind. Yes, grown ups are generally adults who work but isn’t it truly a maturity? We can age in number but still have a child’s mind. How we spend our time and set our priorities can even determine this “grown up” state.

My every day life once was filled with just me and my desires. Today, it also includes my husband and my daughter [ wow, still processing that one, “my daughter,” crazy ]. I still take care of myself and seek to fulfill dreams of my own but I see life differently. I can see those behind and before me; generations. I see the time and energy both our parents have given to raising their children while growing a life together. I see those newly adults that have great dreams and passions to impact their world in careers or family.

And here I stand, in the middle of it all raising a child with my dear husband. I’m living the life I hoped for, which is a dream come true. I suddenly feel so “grown up.” Now I realize fulfilling dreams and passions is not an impossible after 35 years old. This entire lifespan can be filled with anything I set my mind to achieving. If Kyle and I want to start a new adventure, we can do so  A N Y T I M E  . Granted, it may be easier in one season than another, but we are not limited. Life doesn’t stop until you’re dead. And if we desire to, we can dream and do until we can no longer get out of bed. And even then, we can write our life story together.

Yes, I feel quite “grown up,” but I don’t think that’s the end of the game. I believe it means you’ve reached the years of opportunity.


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