currently … #3

r e a d i n g : Paralandra by C.S. Lewis, the second book in his Sci-fi trilogy. I love the worlds Ransom travels to and often wish I could truly experience these places. These books are my favorites. Go read them!

l i s t e n i n g : the classical music station nearly every morning as Juls stretches and plays on the floor. I miss discovering music – I need to practice doing what I love. How easily I let days go by without doing some of my favorite things!

l o v i n g : watching my girl grow! I hug and kiss and snuggle her a million times each day all the while I am SO excited to witness all she will become. This Mama business is greater than I could have imagined – I am honored and humbled to carry this role and responsibility. My heart overflows ❤

w o r k i n g  o n : soaking in each day with my husband. Always placing him first, my greatest love! And as I watch him and Juliet interact, I can see the beginnings of her adoration for him. He is our hero, our number one! Each day together is to be so very treasured, yet so quickly time may slip past us. Intentional living is the key.

looking forward… to a date with my love, my best friend, my joy, my hero. Happy Valentine’s day to all! XOXO


One thought on “currently … #3

  1. I love reading about your everyday world, I love that you are living so inhibited and freely, like to “dance llike nobody’s watching”~ Your world is all right there, lying before you, and as the richest treasures are just for the joyful ness and the attitudes we decide to choose, that is where the level of our happiness will be~ you are an inspiration to us all, an extradordinary Mother to Juliet, and the most devoted and dedicated sweetheart to your “love of your life “, Kyle~ Happy Valentines Day to you all ~ Sending our utmost love ~💗
    Grandma GiGi Karen 😘💞


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