the nelson three in February

Let me begin by gushing about the  S U N S H I N E !!  wow, so refreshing after a long blase winter. There has been a verrry moderate amount of rain, N O  S N O W  and rarely a sunny cool day …. until recently. February came and the sun has been gracing us with his presence. How lovely for our dear hero whose birthday is the 17th. I love what the sunshine brings out in him – his fullest self effulgent.

[ Family aside, why do we live in the pacific northwest?? Ask me again when spring arrives; that’s when I love our home. ]

Sunny days have been our favorites all the while enamored with Juliet’s latest developmental adventure:  f o o d . [follow link to video]

Every day I am thankful to be Kyle’s wife and Juliet’s Mama. To all Mothers – is it not a treasure to watch these little sprouts bloom!? Such a beautiful display.

Here’s a peek at our little life…








The jewel is calling from her crib – i must bid you all adieu. Love to you all! May you PNWs enjoy the sunshine today! Bring it on, spring!


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