News! NEWS! n e w s !!

Hello all!

Wow, busy months! First, the BIG news – most of you family/friends have heard – another Nelson is on the way! Due Nov. 19th, eeeek! A bit of a surprise but SUCH a happy one!

Oh my, Juliet must know I’m starting to type… just heard her little voice from her crib. I’ll make this quick.

Secondly, we’re in a transition right now – details later – which is partly to blame for my absence. I have not simply quit writing, just haven’t been in the right place of mind, emotion or energy to keep up.

Finally, I’ve launched the YouTube channel for reals! There are a few videos, very short Juliet snippets. But I will be starting a weekly “vlog” over there. So, please, check it out!

I will write now and then, probably more scattered, due to all the change that has happened and will continue (pregnancy!!!). But the vlog, weekly, will be our main event as far as keeping family and friends connected.

Love to you all! Juliet beckons ❤


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