potty diaries: part 1

crocodile tears, a trail of splatters across the floor, and exasperated words pouring from a frustrated Mama’s mouth… these were the sounds playing throughout our morning.

today we began [again] to finish toilet training. though little miss has been using the potty since her newborn days, we quit for a few months during the latter months of my pregnancy. i knew it would present a challenge once we reintroduced the potty. and here we are today, exhausted at naptime.

[those sweet smiles up there in that picture were shared in-between the chaos]

i fully advocate early potty training – also known as “elimination communication”. we held Juliet over the potty from about one month old. and it worked! [until we quit] she was going frequently, and even dry through a whole nap. i will do the same with Teddy and i’m positive he will respond just as well. this time, we will avoid any break and hopefully the training will be a bit less challenging.

has anyone else tried early potty training? when did your babe[s] finish potty training??



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