Good Morning

2015-12-21 10.15.00

Oh, weekdays, you’ve returned so quickly! After our full and happy weekend with family we are wiped O U T . Juls is now fighting a cold [sniffles + tears] while I battle the fast depleting food supply of our household. Thankfully our dear Teddy is strong and content [he’s a sweet boy].

Last week I managed to accomplish only a couple of my goals. So I will add the undone to this week’s list. . . let’s do this!

  1. restart my weekly home foot spa treatments !! [my toes are embarrassing]
  2. update my GoodReads with a reading goal for 2016!
  3. edited goal: incorporate potty opportunities into each day this week [turns out we need to change methods to finish potty training]
  4. meal plan + prep !! check out this gal for excellent recipes [like one of our favs Carrot Coconut Soup]
  5. at least ONE successful morning of juicing.
  6. find toddler snow gear for our snow trip to see family!

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