currently … #4

r e a d i n g : Villete by Charlotte Bronte. I have been making my 2016 reading list – some books I’ve heard about and would like to read. I’ll post it soon, it’s still growing. Looking forward to diving into more books this year!

l i s t e n i n g : Future of Forestry’s album Film & TV Collection

l o v i n g : extra snuggles from Teddy bear as he fights a cold :/

d i s c o v e r i n g : my dreams and passions again… it seems they’re resurfacing lately, as if I’ve forgotten them. Being full-time Mama of two littles has me quite busy. I can’t forget to take care of myself, though and enjoy personal time for my favorite activities and hobbies.

p u r s u i n g : writing often. I’ll work up to it but I hope to write daily and grow a collection of a couple genres. I’m eager to discover my writing style, my voice, my genre… will I write fiction or non-fiction? stories from motherhood? or Sci-fi/fantasy?

this year will be one of reading, learning, discovery and discipline. the adventure continues!


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