currently … #5

r e a d i n g : we visited the library today and i checked out a pile of books, including Memory Wall by Anthony Doerr. I’ve been dying to read All the Light We Cannot See … and who hasn’t, apparently, because i’m the 50th person on a growing wait list at the library. i hope for a great experience for all the waiting… anywho, tonight i will begin his other book.

l i s t e n i n g : Damien Jurado … my husband is always discovering fantastic artists. this guy is heading our way soon and we’re hoping to make it to the concert – we’ve been talking about enjoying more music together. we’re both musicians and have now been to  O N E  show together; a sad reality. now we need deep pockets for the growing list of “must see” shows.

l o v i n g : spring – this S U N. and new beginnings with the new church plant we’re attending. we have a new community of friends that we gather with weekly to share a meal; share life; encourage each other and laugh together. so much joy is stirring and defining of purpose. i am starting to feel roots grow …

d r e a m i n g : of adventure !! hiking, skiing, back-packing.. i want to be outdoors! we visited Bend again recently and left me changed. i crave the air, the skies; a wanderlust spirit surfacing.

looking forward … to what this summer holds. Teddy will be growing fast and Juliet will have a playmate. watching them together is a joy; their friendship will blossom and flourish over the next couple years. i love my family ❤


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