ne quid nimis

” the medium is the message ” – Marshall McLuhan

a year or two has passed since i quit Facebook. my profile is there, frozen in time. and except for a few log-ins last year to a family deployment group, i have not surrendered my time to the scrolling, scrolling, scrolling. posting. sharing. tagging. it has been both liberating and strange. the world around seems bloated with apps and various social media platforms. my distaste and abandoned page is disconnected in a hyper-connected culture. Facebook and the like can be valuable for long distance relationships; a great tool for businesses, private groups, and special events. it is the addiction to posting, browsing, and compulsive screen checking [ myself included! ] that drove me crazy then and continues to disturb me today.

yes, i quit Facebook, good for me. but now a new medium has replaced my former obsession: Instagram. those pictures and the scrolling…  why do i spend so much time with this silly app?

as i probe for an answer, i cannot see any need, only a crippling of my time. the truth is apparent; i am addicted. my excessive posting and scrolling through pictures or mini clips is time abused. i am not saying all who insta are slothful or slaves to a machine. my concern is in the excess; the amount of time spent. my own media time log is unsettling. disturbing. and i want out. now.

i quit, Instagram.
and the same goes for any other unnecessary medium that robs me daily.

my family is young. i’ll miss these days of little voices; tiny feet pattering sweetly into our room in the early morning; stealing kisses from my husband amidst a busy Saturday afternoon; savoring quiet evenings together after the children are asleep. why would i choose to miss this treasured season?

it’s a wonderful life. i must not waste it. today i choose to look up from my tiny screen. i will read more, write more, and be so very  p r e s e n t  with those i love. ❤


3 thoughts on “ne quid nimis

  1. Hi Jackie~ This is such good wisdom , (I feel), on your part right now, as being present in these early years will reward you with a wealth of memories for you and your family~💕🙏🏻😉 Also, I guess I’m on the same page…,as I couldn’t take the time-consuming monotony of Facebook, and totally deleted my account last year. Now, lately, I felt the same with Instagram, and closed out that account on Friday. I also don’t want to miss at what life offers me to behold and embrace daily, and I cannot do that with the magnetizing effect of the social network ~ I donate more time to read more, I’m living amongst my flower gardening now, and I get out to exercise and dedicate my daily yoga practice for my well being~ So much more gratifying than a couple ” likes” or a comment to tell me how cute something is, when I already know it!! Ha!!! I did read ” All the Light you cannot See”, and it is wonderful… I looked at my goodwill the other day for one for you, but to no avail! Mine is downloaded on my IPad. I will keep my eye out for one. I am now reading “The Paris Wife”, the story of Hadley Richardson Hemingway.., Earnest Hemingway’s first wife and the journey they traveled in those early years ~ I can lend it to you when I’m done, if you’d like. (as this I have in hardback.) Well, take care. I’m so looking forward to our Mothers Day Brunch!! Also , will you & Kyle please keep Tina and Bill in your prayers, as he suffered another slight stroke last night.🙏🏻🙏🏻😘 We are waiting to hear any news this morning. Traci and Stuart went up to be with her and Dev last night at Portland Providence. Love, ( and hugs to those kiddies!) Gigi 💗💗❤️🙏🏻


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    • I’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying so many beautiful things in life! there is joy to be found in every day for all our days ‹3 you are too kind to be searching for that book! at some point I’ll get a chance, heehee. I would love to borrow that story when you’re finished! mother’s day brunch will be such a wonderful time all of us together, looking forward to it. and yes, we are keeping Bill+Tina in oir prayers, Traci has been keeping us updated. ‹3 love to you both, we’ll see you soon


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