currently #6

r e a d i n g : Memory Wall by Anthony Doerr, and The Shallows by Nicholas Carr. Both are excellent and I now realize they sort of complement each other. Memory Wall is a series of fictional stories involving memories and how they impact our lives… while The Shallows explores the impact of technology on our brains. You should check them both out. seriously. the latter being a must read!

l i s t e n i n g : to AM radio. all the happenings of the presidential race have me hooked to 970. i probably should refresh my mind with some chill tunes …

l o v i n g : my new workout routine! wow. i wore myself out today – tabata, like high intensity interval training, is a serious sweat-breaker. it’s a short, heart-racing repetition that takes maybe 15 min. you’re wiped out at the end if you’re in terrible shape like me! i blame two years in a row of pregnancy.
for fun, i’m also following a stretch routine to work up to splits… ’cause, why not?

d r e a m i n g : of tapping into my artistic skills; i’ve been away from the canvas far too long. now is the time to express, explore and nourish my creative bones.


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