being grown-up

By the time it came to the edge of the Forest the stream had grown up, so that it was almost a river,  and being grown-up, it did not run and jump and sparkle along as it used to do when it was younger, but moved along more slowly. For it knew now where it was going, and it said to itself,  “There is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”

A.A. Milne, The House At Pooh Corner


Good Morning

2015-12-21 10.15.00

Oh, weekdays, you’ve returned so quickly! After our full and happy weekend with family we are wiped O U T . Juls is now fighting a cold [sniffles + tears] while I battle the fast depleting food supply of our household. Thankfully our dear Teddy is strong and content [he’s a sweet boy].

Last week I managed to accomplish only a couple of my goals. So I will add the undone to this week’s list. . . let’s do this!

  1. restart my weekly home foot spa treatments !! [my toes are embarrassing]
  2. update my GoodReads with a reading goal for 2016!
  3. edited goal: incorporate potty opportunities into each day this week [turns out we need to change methods to finish potty training]
  4. meal plan + prep !! check out this gal for excellent recipes [like one of our favs Carrot Coconut Soup]
  5. at least ONE successful morning of juicing.
  6. find toddler snow gear for our snow trip to see family!